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Entrepreneurship is an important driver of economic growth and innovation. Being an Entrepreneur means you are committed to be creative, focused, persistent and able to influence and inspire people. For sure this is an exciting and rewarding path but at the same time full of challenges and unforeseen situations. How this journey would be different if you had someone to walk with you and provide support to maintain focus, clarity and overcome obstacles.

Key wins we can achieve together:

  • Articulate a Clear Vision & Mission: Be clear on WHY can help you develop a solid action plan and also stay motivated and enthusiastic during the process of building the business

  • Business Plan and Strategic Thinking: A detailed and actionable Business Plan works as a compass to success. Developing Strategic Thinking can help you prioritize, structure and manage effectively business development process.

  • Understand & manage your emotions: Let's be honest, being the Entrepreneur,  YOU are the mind and the soul of the business. If fear of failure, overthinking or procrastination are well known states of mind  for you, then let's convert them into opportunities for growth

  • Identify the ideal clients : Where what you have to offer meets market needs. Define your Niche and your message and maximize results

  • Financial Strategy: Design how to get resources and generate funds to support your vision.


Coaching Approach: 

  • Coaching  / Consulting Hybrid : To help you grow but also benefit from business knowledge, recourses and experience available wherever that serves your goals

  • One to One Sessions 

  • Tools & templates to build solid action plans and drive results

  • Follow ups & connects between the sessions

Want to know if we are a good match for this journey?

Book a Discovery Session now 

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