''Real Leaders''

Executive Coaching

This Coaching Program is focused on current and future ''Real Leaders''  who  target to get their professional growth to reach full potential and also be the source of Inspiration, Motivation and Influencing for their teams 

Key Areas of Coaching:

  • Elements of a great Leader

  • Motivation pitch & Story telling

  • Conflict Management

  • Delivering hard messages 

  • Clear Vision and Strategy setting

  • Emotional Intelligence

Top wins:

  • Articulate a Clear Vision:  Be able to share with the team a clear Vision, Inspire and Motivate. Know how to coordinate building of a solid Goals plan and a strategy to achieve them in a highly volatile world

  • Creating a Success mindset: What motivates & demotivates every individual in the team and keeping the spirit up even during tough times

  • Lead by example: People cannot be managed by force. ''Walk the talk'' is key to influence and inspire

  • Master the message: Words trigger emotions, emotions define perspectives and drive actions. Knowing how to communicate effectively builds solid relationships & skyrockets results

  • Thinking ‘’out of the box’’: Interested in developing a mindset to get solutions when everything looks stuck? What can I do differently in a world that is changing?

  • The power of the team: Combining individuals's strengths and collaboration to bring accelerated results

How we Do it: 

  • Assessment to identify your Strengths, areas of improvement and quick wins

  • One to One Online Coaching Sessions 

  • Tools, templates & activities to identify strengths, build solid action plans and drive results

  • Follow ups & connects with the coach between the sessions

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