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Our Vision is to contribute to a business world where positive emotions, trust, creativity, collaboration, equality & enjoyment prevail and the work environment is a place that inspires and facilitates personal & professional growth where everyone enjoys  belonging.

Our Mission is to provide Results Based Business Coaching, both to businesses and professionals, that deliver accelerated sustainable growth

Our Business Coach  Sylvia Karantani founded ‘’People in Business’’ driven by her Vision to contribute to a Business World where people feel inspired, motivated and successful and enjoy belonging. A World where positive emotions, trust, creativity, collaboration and equality prevail and lead to ambitious Business results and Professionals’ growth.

Sylvia is a Certified Business Growth, Executive & Life coach, as well as an NLP Master practitioner & NLP master coach Certified by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

She also has a BSc in ‘'Industrial management & Technology'‘ an  ‘’MSc in Logistics’’ and an ‘’International MBA with major in Finance’’ from recognized Universities in Greece.

Born and raised in Athens (Greece), she already has an over eighteen years of corporate career in well-known multinational matrix organizations in Healthcare, Construction & FMCG Industries, in the areas of Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics where she had the opportunity to lead her teams to growth and bring exceptional Business results. 


''Words trigger emotions,

emotions define perspectives and drive actions''

From the early years of her career in Procurement and Logistics, Sylvia demonstrated a strong interest in the human factor. Collaborating with people from multiple nations, with different life frames and cultures, she soon observed that the way we think and communicate, drives results and defines our path.

Having lived and worked in Dubai (UAE), further to her experience in European markets, she traveled and collaborated with professionals from Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and USA and got passionate about empowering Business teams and Professionals reach their full potential, in a highly volatile Business world.

Her coachees describe her as an Empathetic, Active Listener, who has the ability to build trust, observe deeply, and ask provoking questions that lead to tangible results. A blend of caring and compassionate approach with structured process plan and techniques that empower her coachees achieve their objectives

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