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The 3 Pillar Coaching Method ©

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Business coaching is all about identifying blind spots and developing the right muscles to achieve growth. It is a process in which you or our team will move from point A to point B more efficiently and faster than you would do it without the Coach.

Having gone beyond a simple coaching approach, in Peoplein Business, we have developed a specific approach that we call ‘’3 Pilar Coaching Method ©’’ and expedites transformation results. This is a structured combination of deep Business knowledge and understanding with best-in-class Coaching Approaches and tools, with a proven record of results.

It is both applicable to Professionals & Business teams, and what is unique about it, is that provides a holistic understanding of the roadblocks as well as the required actions needed to overcome them and achieve results. The three pillars are:


We tend to do things ‘’the way we used to’’, specially when these ways have been proven successful. Right? When we deep dive though, we will realize that just by changing one process, we can get better results in shorter time, with much less effort. Might be leveraging technology, delegating, merging processes or other. We just need to apply an ‘’out of the box’’ mindset and  identify all these opportunities that can make things better.


What we think and what we feel, defines the way we see things and as a result, the way we act or react to triggers. Knowing what our hidden thoughts, emotions, limiting beliefs etc are, and developing ways to drive them to the direction that is more resourceful, can bring significant results and help us feel happier and fulfilled.

Imagine for example joining a meeting after a fight with one of your colleagues. How are you going to talk to this person? How is to collaborate and what can be the impact in the results of the business or your own professional growth?


How many times we communicate something only to realize later that the other party didn’t exactly understand what we really wanted to say?  Do we know ways to influence others or build rapport faster? Knowing how to communicate effectively can drastically change business results as well as our relationships with other people. It can be one of the success factors both in career growth and business success.

Curious to know how ‘’3 Pilar Coaching Method ©’’  that can bring you results?

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