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But I'm so afraid that I will fail...

Have you ever thought ‘’Oh I really want to change my job and get the life I want but I’m so afraid I will fail! I wish I could get rid of that fear, its really stopping me from achieving my goals and living the life I want’’.

Are Fears ‘’bad’’ so the solution is to get rid of them? Fears are not ‘’good’’ or ‘’bad’’, they only depend on how we use them, if we allow them to drive our life or they are serving us.

Imagine a situation that you are having an Interview or an important appointment and you are afraid that things will not go as you would like them to go.

In that case you have two options. You can either let the fear dominate you and immobilize you, so you will go completely unprepared and most probably fail or you can welcome and embrace the feeling of fear as it is a message from your brain to motivate you to get fully prepared and organized for that meeting and make it successful.

So next time you have a fear of failure, think how this can be useful to you, what are the actions your mind is telling you to take in order to succeed?

And always remember … there is no Failure … there is only feedback on how to do things better next time …

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