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How can I motivate my team when I struggle myself?

Leading a team is a demanding role and requires a set of knowledge, emotional intelligence, and positive energy. ‘’Motivation’’ is a buzz word in business and if you are a team leader – among other responsibilities – you are probably expected to keep your team motivated and energized so they can be happy, engaged, and productive. But, is it always easy? I do remember times in my career where I was feeling drained, depressed, or demotivated and it was really hard to get out from the black hole and help my team stay motivated.

During these challenging times , with COVID-19, lack of stability, and limited ways to enjoy life and relax, I do relate with all of you who face these difficult feelings and understand how hard it can be to overcome. Sharing the key steps I learned to follow to help myself with the hope that it can be useful:

1. Embrace your feelings

Pushing yourself for more and more when you already feel drained it can only make the situation harder. These feelings are there to tell you that there is something that needs to be changed, something that you need to take care about yourself and your life. It is a signal for action not a broken part inside you that will selfheal with time 😊 You are human and you have the right to have your ups and downs.

2. Practice Gratitude

If you read my blog you might know already how much I believe that practicing gratitude can change your life. It might not be really easy in the beginning but after few days you will be surprised how differently you can see things and how easier it will be to find solutions where you used to find only obstacles (You can read more about gratitude here )

3. Take care of your brain & body

I know that when work deadlines and deliverables are pushing you hard, sounds unrealistic to get more sleep, replace the sandwich with a homemade dish or find sometime to read a nice book and go for a walk. However, not giving priority to your needs to rest and eat properly is like expecting to use your cell phone without a battery. Even small changes, such as drinking more water or adding one more hour of sleep, will bring results and will help you rejuvenate and feel more motivated

4. Say it

Sometimes we believe that by keeping stuff under the carpet and pretending that everything is good we help people around us to stay happy and motivated. But this is not the case. Imagine how your team would react if you were sharing openly what is the situation you are into and asking everyone to contribute and support. Wouldn’t that be a message to everyone to look for help within the team if he/ she is going through a tough time? Wouldn’t that be a way to enhance trust and cohesiveness within the team, motivate & inspire?

To all of you out there who feel that you are going through a tough time at work, I need to tell you ‘’YOU ARE NOT ALONE’’. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get support 😊 It can be easier than you think!

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