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Mind the Gap between Patience and Procrastination! (5 Check points to consider)

Living in a world that technology has helped us significantly accelerate the speed of completing a task, for example analyze data, exchange thoughts, communicate etc, our minds are getting used to seeing things happening fast. When this is not the case, we often get disappointed and demotivated.

But what happens with goals that DO need time to happen, for example get the first client for your start up, close a sales deal or expand your existing pool of clients. Can these happen fast? Probably not. In cases like these, you will often hear that ‘’Being patient’’ is the key to see results. Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. It’s a proof of knowledge, discipline and resilience and as such a great part of your business success. So patience is vital! Right?

Sometimes though, it can be a way to camouflage our tendency to procrastinate and not get things done on time. Don’t you think? Procrastination is when we are delaying or postponing a task or a set of tasks, it is the force that prevents us from following through on what we set out to do.

So how can I understand if I’m patient or I’m just consuming time and effort without outcome?

Here are few check points that can help self assessment.

- Goals & actions

Do I know where I want to go and how I’m going to get there? Setting S.M.A.R.T goals and linking them with specific action plans is key to avoid procrastination. Taking actions regularly, as per plan, without rescheduling shows effective control

- Concentration & focus

Strong ability to concentrate, focus and get things done can be a proof that I’m on the right track and results will be coming sooner or later. On the flipside falling into distractions frequently, mainly dreaming about the future and avoiding present moment can be something to look into

- Thoughts & Emotions

What are my most frequent thoughts? How do I usually feel? Juggling among bad thoughts (eg. Success will not happen, everything is difficult etc) and negative emotions such as fear of failure or being judged, are some clear indications that I’m falling into the trap of procrastination and slowing down or even pausing my success. How can I get control of them and get benefit? How can use them as signals to act? For example Fear of failure can be a signal to prepare for something unpleasant that might happen. How about looking from this point of view instead? Is it more helpful?

- Organized days

Am I waking up on time and following a clear schedule within the day or I’m just going with the flow? Organizing my days can be really useful, especially when I’m managing my own targets and looking for exceptional results. In a structured day, brain can find the opportunities both to relax and maximize performance when needed, instead of just being constantly busy with something (eg. Social media browsing)

- Balance

Living a balanced life, where hard work and pleasure have equal space, it means I’m in control of my time and I know how to make space both for my business growth and success and also for my rest and relaxation. If I’m frequently finding myself exhausted by the end of the day because of hard work, then probably I need to look into my priorities and discipline

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