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In ''People in Business'' we think differently

Our Vision is to contribute to a business world where positive emotions, trust, creativity, collaboration, equality & enjoyment prevail and the work environment is a place that inspires and facilitates personal & professional growth where everyone enjoys  belonging. Our Mission is to provide Results Based Business Online Coaching, both to businesses and professionals, that target accelerated sustainable growth.


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Our Approach

We provide Online Business Coaching specializing in Small-Medium Businesses, Sales Teams, Leaders and Entrepreneurs, empowering them to reach full potential

Although we do provide face to face services, we believe that focusing on having the right tools & methods to deliver effectively online coaching enables our coachees benefit from our services no matter where they are based in the world and also efficiently using their time in a fast moving world

Key success factor, that guarantees S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time based) results, is the three pillar approach that combines 1:1 Coaching, with fully customized Trainings, Tools and NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) techniques.

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Customized Team Trainings

Tools & NLP techniques

Meet the Coach

Sylvia Karantani founded ‘’People in Business’’ driven by her Vision to contribute to a Business World where people feel inspired, motivated and successful and enjoy belonging. A World where positive emotions, trust, creativity, collaboration and equality prevail and lead to ambitious Business results and Professionals’ growth.

Sylvia is an NLP Master practitioner & NLP master coach Certified by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She also has a BSc in ‘'Industrial management & Technology'‘ an  ‘’MSc in Logistics’’ and an ‘’International MBA with major in Finance’’ from recognized Universities in Greece.

Her coachees describe her as an Empathetic, Active Listener, who has the ability to build trust, observe deeply, and ask provoking questions that lead to tangible results. A blend of caring and compassionate approach with structured process plan and techniques that empower her coachees achieve their objectives


What Our Customers Say

Within one month "Women in Business" program, I was able to make a plan on how to move to my next career step, more in accordance with my values and my career direction.

Sylvia helped me clarify what I was looking for, but also coached me to reflect on and understand better some aspects, related to people interactions and leadership. I realized the power of listening and caring in order to motivate & bound with colleagues. Now few weeks after the end of the program, I continue reflecting on some of my insights and using some exercises, progressing further towards being an inspiring and great leader.

A.T, Brussels (Belgium)

''Sylvia is an amazing coach. She listens intently to everything being said and she offers tangible and actionable advice to overcome obstacles; and she does so with compassion and empathy for each individual's comfort level. When I came into the ''Entrepreneurs program'', I was so frustrated and discouraged with my business. I felt stuck in the mud and couldn't figure out how to get to my goals. With Syliva's help, I was able to overcome a fear of going to events, take actionable steps towards my goals, and practice techniques that really work! I feel like my goals, the same goals when I began just 4 weeks ago that looked so far away, are right within my grasp. Without this coaching program, I probably would not have had the courage or the action plan to actually follow through with my desire to launch a masterclass''

E.P, Virginia (USA)

‘’During the ‘’360 Coaching’’ Program with Sylvia, my Sales team was able to convert all Goals into a detailed, well designed implementation plan, supported by a clear strategy. The ‘’Out of the box’’ thinking is a key to our success, since we are able now to find quick and effective solutions in continuously fast changing environment. What also accelerated our results is the enhancement of the team spirit and the collaboration. Definitely having this coaching program has been a successful strategic business decision’’

J.P, Dubai (UAE)


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