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Protecting Mental Health at Work is everyone's duty

Today is World’s Mental Health day, and my mind cannot avoid going to people who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, or panic attacks at work. Statistics are devastating … Over 55% experience anxiety, stress is even higher, and half of the people asked, have experienced symptoms of depression. I had been part of these numbers in the past and I know very well how tough it can be.

Besides the numbers, what is heartbreaking is the fact that most of the people avoid talking about it or seeking for help. Some consider it ‘’part of the game’’ to be under severe pressure and others avoid admitting how they feel, as they are afraid that will be considered weak, will miss opportunities for promotion or they might even lose their job.

At the same time, technology is transforming quickly how we do business; everything is happening faster and faster adding more pressure at work. Corporations that target long term sustainable growth, keep employees’ Mental Health protection high in their agenda by running campaigns, offering consultations and so on. But is it enough? Apparently not!

Protecting Mental Health at Work should be everyone’s duty! Mine … yours … ours … There are small things that can be done and can bring significant results! Here are few ideas:

- Take a minute and ask a colleague ‘’How are you these days?’’, ‘’Are you happy?’’ … and LISTEN. Listen empathetically. No need to have a solution or an answer to the problem that person is facing. You might think that this is not important, but you will soon realize the huge impact. Feeling that someone understands him / her and is there, change completely how he/she feels.

- Share your challenges if you feel anxiety or depression. By opening up, you pave the way for others to do the same and step by step there will be no ‘’stigma’’ for Mental Health and people will be more comfortable to seek for help and overcome it.

- If you feel stressed, ask your manager for time off to take care of yourself before it is too late. Your body will give you signals such as high blood pressure, headaches, panic attacks etc. Protecting and taking care of yourself is a great example for the others around you to do the same. Be the inspiration this world is looking for!

Your coach,


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