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Women in Procurement


Professional Female

Procurement is a fascinating job, giving you the opportunity to achieve the unachievable. Being a Woman in Procurement you can be creative and bring great results for the business, but you can also feel the challenges to drive your career forward and be recognized as exceptional leader in your field. It can be overwhelming sometimes, right? Imagine how different the path would be if you had someone walk with you and help you maintain your focus and overcome obstacles.


Top wins we can achieve together:

  • Believe in yourself: Knowing how to enhance self confidence and self esteem is vital for a successful and happy business life. Overcoming Fear of Failure, procrastination and everything that holds you back from achieving your goals and leaving the life you want

  • Setting & getting Strategic Goals: Building a solid and executional plan of where you want to go and how you can achieve it

  • Master Negotiations & Public speaking to get the result you are aiming and also stand out in your business

  • The art of Networking: Becoming more extrovert and leveraging your network to accelerate the way of thinking and getting what you want

  • Balancing responsibilities: Balance between professional growth, personal growth and family can be difficult sometimes, right? How your life would be different if you could master this balance?

  • Lead in a male-dominant environmentKnow how to communicate effectively and stand out in a male dominant environment to grow your career

Coaching approach:

  • Coaching  / Consulting Hybrid : To help you grow but also benefit from business knowledge, recourses and experience available wherever that serves your goals

  • One to One Coaching Sessions 

  • Tools, templates & activities to identify strengths, build solid action plans and drive results

  • Follow ups & connects with the coach between the sessions

Want to know the one tip that can boost your Performance?

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