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How to make 24hrs be enough

Do you frequently get the feeling the 24 hour's aren’t enough to do what you want to do? Do you find yourself at the end of the week not having accomplished important tasks? Probably you are into Reacting mode rather than Acting. With all these distractions around, this is something quite common but let's see few tips to be in control of our schedule.

1. Reset your mind. Take a break, without feeling guilty and go for a walk or see a friend to relax your mind and get out of this stressful situation.

2. Get a pen and paper. Even if you love typing to your electronic device it's better for your brain this time to go traditional. list down all the things that you want to do.

3. Put Deadlines. When you want them to be completed (be realistic) and check if they are ‘’Important’’ and / or ‘’Urgent’’

4. Use Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix to decide on action. Remember that Urgent = requires action now and has immediate consequences & Important = help achieve long term goals

Bonus tips:

- FOCUS. When you are working on a task make sure you are not distracted (eg messages, phone calls etc).

- Important tasks first: Start your day by completing the Important tasks first so you feel accomplished and you are not having the risk or leaving them behind if something comes up

- Avoid Over-scheduling: If you constantly put more tasks in your daily list that you can really do, you are left with a feeling of ‘’failure’’ that can fire back so be realistic 😊

- Free time: make sure in daily basis you have time to do things that you enjoy and relax you. This is your time to get your energy back.

Are 24hrs enough for you? How about sharing your tips?

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