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Are you doubting your decision-making skills?

Decision making is an important skill we need in both our professional and personal life. Talking about business, if you're a Leader, a Business Owner, or an Entrepreneur, you often come across situations where you have to take a decision fast and you want it to be the right one. But have you ever doubted about your decision-making skills? Was this doubt a drive to help you improve and sharpen your ability to decide or reached to the point of becoming a barrier to your growth and happiness. Below points can help you check:

1. ‘’I have a solid thinking process that I continuously improve’’

If you already know what to do, when you need to take a decision, then you're half the way to the right direction. Gathering information, assessing the facts and the past experience, defining the time frame for taking the decision are key points that you probably consider.

2. ‘’I know that NOT all my decisions will be successful’’

When taking a decision there is a chance that it will not lead you to a successful outcome and this is part of the process of fine tuning your methodology, acquiring experience and evolving. Knowing that it means you have the right mindset to keep you going and achieve your targets.

Sometimes we answer ‘’yes’’ to both above statements, however we don’t realize that we can be trapped by our mind and disregard our real emotions. It was actually my case too, when I was starting my own business.

Our brain logically acknowledges the statement that ‘'NOT all decisions are going to be successful’’ (i.e of course it's normal not all decisions are right) however our emotions – even if we are not able to observe it - are not aligned, and this is the tricky point. If we deep dive into ''how we feel'' we will realize that we don't accept unsuccessful outcomes and we are not comfortable with – what we call - ‘’bad decisions’’. To some extent this is normal and help us progress, but what if that reaches to a point that becomes a barrier and showstopper for growth and happiness.

In my case, I realized that it had to do with a couple of decisions that led me do something really painful and disappointing that traumatized me. I had to go back, embrace and heal these wounds if I really wanted to overcome my strong doubting about my decision-making. This doubt was nothing more than my inner self who couldn't realize how much I had evolved within the years and how much more capable I was now to protect myself from wrong decisions, that it was still trying to keep me away from going through the same pain.

Remember that Decision Making is a skill like others. It requires practice and it will keep improving with time. It’s not a destination, it’s a journey.

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Sylvia Karantani,

Your Business Growth coach

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